Our Story

Speakable was born out of the passion and practical experience of Andrew Platt, a physics teacher who found himself teaching English as a second language to hotel workers in Cartagena, Colombia. Andrew quickly realized a problem common to many classrooms worldwide – in a class size of 10-20 students, it was challenging to provide the personalized feedback each student required to truly progress in their language skills.

Motivated by this challenge, Andrew embarked on a journey to develop Speakable – a tool designed to amplify language learning. His vision was a platform that allowed educators to enter vocabulary and short phrases from their lessons into a web tool, transforming them into speaking practices for their students. But Speakable was not to be a simple tool; Andrew envisaged a system that used advanced voice recognition technology to provide students with immediate feedback on their speech. This rapid feedback loop would enable students to instantly refine their pronunciation, and consistently produce comprehensible speech – a crucial factor in language acquisition.

Today, Speakable continues to stay true to its founding principle – making language learning more interactive, personalized, and effective for students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to real-time speaking feedback for every second language learner.


Andrew Platt

Co-founder & CTO

Previous Experience

Des Moines Public Schools, Colegio Jorge Washington Cartagena

Austin Meusch

Co-founder & CEO

Previous Experience

Qualtrics, Glassdoor, Workstream

Mar Clavijo

Content Creator

Previous Experience

ESL Coach, Spanish Native Tutor, Insight Fools Podcast

Sajjad Hussain 

Frontend Developer


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