Updates to The Activity Builder and Student Assignment Experience

Sep 18, 2023

We’re excited to unveil the updated Speakable Activity Builder and Assignment User Interface, aimed to streamline your language teaching experience. Here are the key changes:

New Builder Features

Introducing a Fresh, Streamlined Interface in The Builder

We have introduced a new interface with a fully functional card preview to make it easier for you to create and preview what your building for your students. Additionally, you can now add multiple native languages and translations. This makes it easy for multi lingual classrooms to all share and use the same activity, without having the need to create unique activities for each native language.

Verify Before Assigning

Now you can be sure every term you assign your students works before they see it. The repeat card in the builder now has phrase verification incorporated, allowing teachers to verify if phrases work before assigning them to your students. We also verify phrases automatically that have been checked a number of times by the community, saving you time.

Listen Aloud Feature

Engage students with interactive listening exercises in text cards. This feature highlights each word as it is read by the AI, aiding comprehension and pronunciation.

Enhancements in the Respond Card

  • Now you can provide your students with AI feedback in their target language (Spanish, French, German, etc) —not just English.

  • You can adjust the response time between 10-30 seconds for the Growth Plan and up to 3 minutes for the Professional plan. This flexibility allows you to provide appropriate practice for students preparing for various standardized exams.
  • Audio only prompts – Record audio and let your students respond.

New Assignment Features

Improved Assignment Experience

Student can now navigate assignments with ease with the new user interface, featuring a card navigation panel.

Syllable Breaking Feature

With this feature, students can now click on any word on the repeat card to automatically break it down into syllables. They can listen to each syllable separately, making complex words more manageable and easier to learn.

We hope you enjoy these changes! If you have feedback, please let us know in the comments section below!


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