How to Use Analytics to Support Students When and Where They Need it Most

Aug 26, 2022

Looking to utilize data to meet your students’ needs precisely when and where they’re needed? You’ve come to the right place! Speakable’s analytics can help you transform your classroom into a more personalized learning experience. Let’s explore how.

Step 1: Accessing Assignment Analytics

Begin by logging into your Speakable account. Navigate to your ‘Sections Dashboard’. This is where you’ll find an overview of all the assignments you’ve set for your students and their progress on these tasks.

Step 2: Delve into the Details

Click on a specific assignment. This brings you to an overview page for that assignment, complete with a table displaying two tabs: ‘Student Submissions’ and ‘Content’.

Step 3: Student Submissions

In the ‘Student Submissions’ tab, you’ll see each student’s score and the difficulty level of the assignment for them. This can help you understand who might be struggling and who’s breezing through with ease.

Step 4: Content Analysis

Switch over to the ‘Content’ tab to see analytics for each card. Here you can either select a student to see how they did on each card or choose a card to view an overview of the card’s analytics and each student’s performance on that card.

Step 5: Personalizing Instruction

Now, it’s time to use this data to shape your instruction. Are students struggling with certain cards? Consider revising the content or providing additional resources. Is a student finding assignments too difficult or too easy? Tailor future assignments to their level, challenging them just enough to promote growth.

Step 6: Adjusting Scores

From both the ‘Student Submissions’ and ‘Content’ pages, you can adjust student scores and review all details of student submissions and card performance. This allows you to have a direct impact on grading and ensure fairness and accuracy.

Step 7: Continuous Monitoring

Stay vigilant with analytics to track students’ progress over time, adjusting your teaching strategies and interventions as necessary.

Step 8: Celebrate Progress

Always remember to acknowledge growth and improvement! Celebrating progress based on data fosters motivation and engagement in the language learning journey.

There you have it! With Speakable’s analytics at your disposal, you’re equipped to craft a personalized, data-driven language instruction experience. Ready to make the most of these powerful tools? Your journey starts now!


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